5 YEARS OF the E.D.G.E. moving forward / by Revarch

It has been 5 years since we completed the first E.D.G.E. and we are continuing to hone and adapt the ideas that we explored on this project.  The E.D.G.E. led to the Essential House, which led to the Nest, which is presently developing into the Sensible House (coming soon).  The ideas studied in these prototype projects inform all of our work.  Over the last 5 years we have explored kits, prefabricated modules, and site built versions of the E.D.G.E.  However,  difficulties with shipping costs, zoning and variations in building codes have led to current delivery method for the E.D.G.E.  Providing a service to assist clients in creating their unique E.D.G.E., designed and adapted specifically for their site.  We have done this from Texas to Maine, optimizing the design to meet the owner's needs, site and budget.

Often times a potential client's first question is about price.  Due to all of the variables of locations, local codes, local construction practices, soil conditions and site requirements it is difficult to have a quick answer to the question without further study and client interaction.  We find that without involving the client and evaluating the site, you can't build the optimum solution, in most cases.  We never intended that the E.D.G.E. would be a singular solution that would adapt to all locales and climates, without adaptation.  The original design was developed in the context of northern Wisconsin, but the core ideas are relevant anywhere.  We have developed many variations on the core themes of the E.D.G.E. and continue to develop more solutions.  

We know that for many people, reaching out to an architect is a big, scary step.  If you have a real project, contemplating purchasing a site, or have a site, we would be glad to talk to you via the telephone (715-341-5588) to discuss how our services can enhance your project.

If your needs mesh with our principles, we will work with you to develop a design process and a rate of compensation to work on the project.  We can do as much or as little as you want.  From helping you envision the overall concept to developing a specific detail.  If you find that we need more interaction, we can develop a plan for continuing and completing your project.