OpenHOUSE - prototype coming soon. / by Dan Yudchitz

openhouse1 reduced.jpg

We will be prefabricating the prototype of the OPENhouse at our shop and shipping it to our Client's wooded site in Northern Wisconsin.  We look forward to developing more variations of this concept!

Concept: The Open House was develped as a study in building and living simply by emphasizing 

construction logic, energy efficiency, flexibility, and outdoor engagement in its design.

Flexibility: The Open House is adaptable. The external structure serves as 

an outdoor room and front porch, as well as a framework for future infill.  As occupants move in they will 

have the opportunity to modify their home to fit their needs.  On the interior, storage units are created 

to maximize the use of space and residents are able to organize multi-use furniture and work spaces as 

they see fit.

Sustainability: The Open House connects residents to nature.  The design includes an outdoor room to 

increase living space.  A south facing polycarbonate wall is shaded by horizontal fins that act as a 

scaffold for plant growth.  Rainwater can be collected from the gutter on the sloped roof and used as 

needed.  Openings in the shelter provide pathways for passive and active ventilation. 

Construction: The exterior structure and the infilled shelter are both constructed using basic building 

techniques that make use of readily available materials. Materials can easily be swapped out depending 

on what is accessible/affordable in a particular region.